The Digital Platform –

One of the deliverables of the project was an interactive digital platform. We have produced two versions of the digital platform during the process of the project. The first one was an informative website with formal information concerning the project and brief information concerning the workshops and activities. The second one – the existing website – is an interactive digital platform that contains both the formal information (from the previous website) and the digital outputs produced during the project. Here you can see pdf:s  from the first version and the read the application text about the digital platform.

From the Application Digitally Crafting New Communities of Practice (2015)

Activity 1 : Technical Production of an openend free Platform (to be exponentially developed throughout the implementation of workshops), on an iterative/agile software development process. The platform will be hosted on a Wiki server, to diminish costs and promote interactivity and participation. The Digitisation coordinator of the project will set up the wiki platform, focused on the following characteristics (others might be identified during WP2 and WP3, adding or replacing to these): not to be a website only compiling digitised media about artisanship or an e-commerce website/social network (these already exist for different artisanship communities and geographical regions), although it might interact/integrate with this kind of existing tools, if deemed relevant by project participants;

  • convergence space for integration of all the existing social media and content channels (Youtube, Instagram, Instructables, Etsy, etc.) which are already being used by communities of practice, if deemed relevant by project participants; social newsfeed (+ safe social networking), collaborative creation/editing of content; online and remote learning; “workshop” management functionalities, to create a virtual knowledge community in direct interaction between artisans and new audiences;
  • file/ content storage, for the conservation of multimedia content about tacit knowledge and its transmission, as well as artisanship products; digital coworking/ co-creation space for artisans of different art forms (to share skills/knowledge and develop complementary business models based on hybrid products or exchange of components);
  • section for artisans to experiment new business and capacity-building models based on the digital tools and contents from WPs, and for the development of new ones;
  • section of horizontal interaction between all virtual stakeholders (old artisan, new artisan, consumer, new audience), providing digital practice space (jam session), to further develop the art forms and the artisanship community of practice, establishing connections with other communities, e.g. the hacking (innovative customization combination) or digital based additive manufacturing (3D printing);

The Wiki Platform will be created at the beginning of the project, and developed throughout Activities of WP2 and WP3 (using the wiki platform as a tool for the implementation of workshops and documentation of the participatory process and the content it generates), as well as Activities of WP4 (using the wiki platform as a tool for communication about the project). The constitution of the wiki platform is not the main goal/purpose of the project, it will only be a virtual tool to support and document the real life process. Further details on how the wiki platform will be used in each activity are provided accordingly.

Besides the connection to project activities, the wiki platform will have a parallel component, connected to WP4 (Dissemination) and WP5 (Project Management) a documentation section, where a backlog of progress, development reports, user stories and a relation of use case modelling requirements based on the MoSCoW method.

Deliverables: 1 wiki platform, 1 multimedia content catalogue; 1 metadata tag (which indexes and gathers all disperse digital outputs by project participants in a specific section of the wiki platform); 1 domain registry (24 months);

Design descriptions:

Web 1.0

Web 2.0


Interactive dissemination session: Q&A