How to tell and show the textile heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia?

Italian artisans and students have tried to answer this question, creating a series of video stories about the entrepreneurial realities of the territory and our textile tradition.

Company: Il Ricamificio

CONCEPT: tradition and creativity in Carnia

STORY: the symbolism kept in a typical tool of the local textile tradition kelps the viewer discover a creative land. In traditional knitting, right-handed iron was rarely supported under the arm.
Most people inserted the rear tip of the right-hand iron into a support, which could simply be the apron belt. In Carnia this support had the characteristic shape of the gugjet, very similar to a heart.

It not only freed the right arm but also made it easier to knit while walking, less tiring work and therefore work longer. The gugjet was one of traditional gifts made to girlfriends or brides.

Video production by students of “G.Sello” Art School in Udine.