How to make a good tutorial video

Here you can find some tips for making a good tutorial video with the aim to provide good, clear tacit knowledge.

Firstly – set a clear goal!

Why are you making the video?

a) are you a teacher wanting to support your teaching methods;
b) do you want to promote something, do you seek visibility?
c) do you wish to teach the usage of a product you are selling?

In the beginning – think:

– Who/what is your target group?
– Do you aim to be international or local – if there is speaking, in what language will it be?
– What technical equipment can you use (do you have a camera, tripod, suitable background, etc.)
– Where can you find a model or an operator?
– Do you need extra finances for making the video?
– How do you edit the material?

Some notions for when making the video:

– avoid long introductions!
– obvious or hidden advertising is not good!
– avoid too much text;
– don’t use a language that the viewer doesn’t understand;
– intensive musical background can be annoying;
– if you are speaking in the video, try to articulate really well;
– avoid being too slow;
– bad technical quality is not good;
– film in good light conditions;
– background shouldn’t be competing with the things you want to show;
– details are good;
– too frequent change of frames can be confusing;
– unsuitable model (think of your target group and try to find somebody that speaks to them);
– avoid an unsuitable selection of materials and tools;
– don’t use too specific terms that are hard to understand for your target group unsuitable use of language (hard-to-understand definitions)
– film from the maker’s viewpoint!
– use a tripod!
– Is there a copyright or are there ethical aspects to think about?
Technical aspects to keep in mind

Use a general, wide-angle shot as an introduction;
Use a close-up for teaching something;
Film from the viewer’s looking angle;
Big contrasts disturb the viewer from following the process;
The better the material is filmed, the easier it is to edit it;