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A few tips for taking photos in low light conditions

Light is essential in photography. Sometimes you need to take photos in conditions where there is not very much light available. So what should you keep in mind when it comes to taking photos in low light conditions? Here you can find a few useful tips for photographing in low light conditions.

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How to make a promotional video

In the time of social media, the need for a wide range of promotional videos is increasing. Depending on your goals, you do not always need to hire expensive marketing experts and pursue the highest production value. A lot can be achieved with inexpensive cameras and powerful mobile devices. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Below you’ll find a short overview of what aspects should be considered in the planning, making and marketing of an effective promotional video. It might seem intimidating to start your own promo video project, but keeping in mind the following tips, you will be able to produce a persuasive video and spread the word! Planning In a promotional video, keep in mind three operational levels: you should introduce your product (company / event), provide information about it and communicate emotions. Think about creative and surprising ways to present your product! Consider your target audience. Figure out what knowledge you want to share and how the viewers will benefit from it. How will you reach your audience? Think about your desired effect on viewers. Keep in mind how all the components – such as visuals, music and message – support it! Filming and editing Promotional videos use shorter shots and frames than others, such as educational videos. Keep it concentrated: say all that is necessary as quickly as possible and get straight to the point! The...

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